The Salvation Of Experience: Digital Manuscript

       Leaf index for the digital manuscript!

       The leaf-links (to the left) presented so far represent about 38 of 219 common book format pages!

This online version of The Salvation Of Experience is arranged in the best way for a large document on standard web pages. It is presented here as a courtesy, and to spark interest. I understand that it is awkward to use, but the text is as yet unpublished and still needs infringement protection. There is, however, a PDF version that may also be obtained.

This offering is my way of presenting these writings to the world, and also keeping them, for as long as possible, from the crazy wilderness of modern publishing.

For further information regarding alternative formats, please send me an email expressing your interest. In telling me why you want the PDF version, your appeal should include a heart-felt explanation of your feelings toward a spiritual life, what it means to live a life like that, and how you think this work might help you.

Important to note here: the project is in its final phases, so while reading, keep in mind it will likely change in small ways, or has already and updates are forthcoming.

          Thank you
           M. Arrel Tate

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