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Webmaster's Commentaries

I would like to extend my appreciations to all the great poeple who have made it easy to have a simple, uncluttered, & advertisement free website.

In my case the list includes all the great makers of many web development tools out there for free.  The most valuable is GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program designed and maintained by hundreds of programers.  Check them out at http://www.gimp.org/ they will help you make the grapics part (a big part) of your work much easier.

learning HTML is not as difficult as learning c++ or some other profound programming language. but it is a bit to learn so go to W3c's website to get all the help you can imagine with the coding part.

Creating a URL( universal resource locator ) is really very easy these days. This site is up on the web for a tremendous $14.95 and $6.00/month and 5 custom email accounts are included. The difficulty is in creating a unique domain name and finding a good host for your website.

The second task is more difficult because there are literally thousands of web hosting services out there. Most of them have hidden motives in there advertising strategies. Some are even sneaky and aggressive once they have your financial information.

So here I will save you a lot of frustration by recommending a few good web hosting providers. The first is "Simple Online Solutions" they have everything for the person who needs to get information up on the internet quickly. They are not fancy, as the name implies, but the space in "unlimited", which is great for arts websites and all their pictures. They are a one stop shop and will register your domain and setup your web hosting account for a very reasonable price.

The only other great hosting provider that I will recommend is "Laughing Squid". They are different because they provide database capabilities, and don't do any domain registering. they will start up your site for just $6.00/month with no setup cost. So if you already have a domain and want to make a site,( or you have one already made ), they are a good choice, especially because they can do things like Wordpress blogs that need a data base.

There are also many free WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) site building programs out there with lots of features to learn about. It can all be very discouraging, but don't give up and just use FaceBook, or something like that. Be unique, have a website of your own. So for a development program I suggest KompoZer It will do everything for you from scratch and is pretty easy to learn, and is free!

Having said that I have used "HTMLpad" and "Coffee Cup" softwere which I paid for. They work well and are relatively inexpensive compared to Adobe Dreamweaver, which could be seen as a major investment. Programs like Dreamweaver are very complex, and oriented toward the pro-developer. Start with the free stuff and than go from there!

Well, I started this page to give thanks to the people that make all the free programs out there, so people like me (and you too) can make their own website. But I also am encouraging you to have a unique web presence. It's relativly easy and inexpensive, so give it a try. It will also make the WWW a better experience for everyone.

Thank-you for your time.
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